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Shandong Zhongte Machinery Co., Ltd.

Shandong Huawei Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.

Address: Shandong Mengyin Lingong Industrial Park
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Off-Road Forklift (Side Shift)

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product description
3T off-road forklift (with side shift) main parameters - prototype T933L-0002#
Project Parameter Remarks
Machine length mm 5630  
Machine width mm 1910 Tire outer edge
Machine height mm 2890  
Track mm 1710  
Wheelbase mm 2230  
The highest position of the gantry is from the ground height mm 2250  
The lowest position of the gantry is from the ground height mm 250  
Lifting height mm 3000  
Tilt angle & deg; 6 before 6  
Side shift distance mm Left 100/right 100  
Fork length mm 1200  
Counterweight kg 1000 Big high unloading weight
Machine no-load mass kg 5000 Fuel tank fuel quantity starting standard
Ultimate load kg 3000  
Gantry assembly weight kg 940  
Vision /  
Operational guidance Mechanical single handle: push forward down, pull back up, push outwards to tilt the mast forward, and push inward to tilt the mast backward. The multi-way valve small handle controls the side shift. /td>